Rand Paul pushes constitutional amendment on Congress


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Be you Gop or Dem right is always right and wrong is wrong. I totally agree with Rand Paul on this constitutional amendment. The founders never intended for congress to be above the law or to be able to pass laws then conveniently exempt themselves their donors or their aides.

Forget the Vitter amendment. Rand Paul wants to make sure that Congress can’t ever again write laws with provisions specific to lawmakers.

The Kentucky freshman Republican has introduced a constitutional amendment that would preclude senators and congressmen from passing laws that don’t apply equally to U.S. citizens and Congress, the executive branch and the Supreme Court. The amendment is aimed squarely at Obamacare provisions specific to members of Congress and their staffs that became a central point of contention during the government shutdown.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/rand-paul-constitutional-amendment-98625.html#ixzz2iP63wREp
The fact that Paul’s amendment has to first make it through both corrupt houses of Congress then be signed by a corrupt President nearly all opposed to such an amendment before it can ever get to the States for ratification is a lead-pipe guarantee it has even a lesser chance of survival than a snowball in hell. Besides, who do we know in government that pays any attention to the Constitution to begin with?
Your post has merit classic liberal, but at least it was an attempt at doing the right thing.
Evince you and I are on the same page more often than not but you cant distrust everything the opposition does or you wind up just like the teatards that are destroying this country.

Doesnt matter who puts forth a bill as long as when you read it, you agree with what the proposed outcome would be or should be. In this case I feel Rand Paul is right. Would I vote for him for president errr no.
Never never trust the tea party tards,

They don't have this country best intersts in mind.

They have cost this country BILLIONS all so they could raise their public profiles and please their tiny base.

I will NEVER trust a one of them
Rand Paul to me doesnt represent the teaparty, anyway I stand by you cant distrust everything the opposition says just because they are who they are. We should always listen and pick whats right and wrong thats the only way to compromise and the only way anything gets done and the proof is just look at this insanity we have now that the lionshare of the country blames on the teatards
Your post has merit classic liberal, but at least it was an attempt at doing the right thing.

When does "doing the right thing" have any success in Washington? The grave yards are full of political do-gooders.
Pretty funny that Desh shares the same attitude some of the Tea Party members get accused of having which is everyone else is the enemy and refusing to work with them.

Fortunately there are people out there who realize that even if I tend to generally disagree with someone there are areas where we do share similar beliefs and can come together. Hopefully this will be one.
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Yeah buddy!