Racism, live and in color


U. S. NAVY Veteran
National civil rights leaders reacted to Democratic candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam refusing on camera to shake hands with his Republican opponent—right after confirming that he wants to massively expand government healthcare and not denying allegations that he thinks traditional Christians have no right to act according to their traditional-marriage views.


Democrats getting careless in continuing to hid their innate racial bigotry...even Civil Rights leaders noticing.....

Refusing to shake hands with your opponent in front of a television audience takes the loss of civility to a new low. I would hope that his refusal to shake hands had nothing to do with the color of his opponent’s skin.....Imagine what would be said if this asshole was a Republican.

Virginia’s top Democratic candidates Terry McAuliffe (running for governor) and Northam have portrayed themselves as pragmatic centrists who are happy to reach across the aisle. But this video shows Northam won’t even reach across his chair.

Maybe it ain't so cut and dryed for McAuliffe, huh Jughead.