Poor Obama. He only has around 400 servants right now.

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Obama washing the dishes?

First lady Michelle Obama doing her own laundry?

That’s not exactly the scene inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. during this government shutdown, ABC News has been told. But White House aides say the mandatory furloughs are having an impact on the first family’s home.

The executive residence staff, which “provides for the care and maintenance” of the president’s household, has been reduced by 83 percent, according to the Office of Management and Budget.

Only 15 of the typical 90 workers who keep the Obamas’ apartment running – from cooks to cleaning ladies to electricians – are now on the job. The smaller crew is there to “provide minimum maintenance and support,” OMB says.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said this week that the entire executive office of the president would be running on “skeletal staff,” making all operations in the West Wing and nearby executive office buildings “extremely lean.”

Overall, only a quarter of the 1,700 full-time White House staffers are currently on the job.