Piscup Hates Humanity! Do You?

You view on humanity in general is:

  • Positive, people are usually good

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  • Positive, we have so much potential

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  • Neutral/dont care/ wont answer

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  • Negative, we must be taught the 'right' things

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  • Negative, we a chaotic creatures with selfish instincts

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Word on the block is I'm a sociopath. I've personally been there, crossed that bridge, but I am now curious what others think of humanity. Please do poll.
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I have a rather poor picture of humanity

Its your own words dude.
I would really like it if yiou fucks would stop being so dishonest and quit trying to distroy this country
We are NOT going to allow the sociopaths to run this country.

Get used to the idea of having your asses kicked
We are NOT going to allow the sociopaths to run this country.

Get used to the idea of having your asses kicked

well then it seems as if you have nothing to worry about. maybe you should stop talking about it like it isn't already a forgone conclusion.
bullshit you entire persona is driven by hate of your fellow man

Grind couldn't even generate a tiny bit of compassion for a family member in crisis when she came looking.

it isn't the sociopaths we should worry about.

It's the self-absorbed little douchebags like Grind.
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sometimes sociopaths don't know they are sociopaths.

they think others "feel" the same way they do.

They don't have the wiring to understand why LIES are inherently wrong.

to them its just a tactic
Humanity is a giant collection of murderous, treacherous, deceitful, self-absorbed, delusional, perverted individuals. It is a rare person who can overcome this sorry state and be considered not simply adequate, but actively virtuous and moral. I have been fortunate enough to live a life surrounded by helpful and supportive people, but that doesn't prevent me from seeing just how fortunate I truly am.
Chimps with ambitions way beyond their station, humans will wipe themselves out within a few centuries I think. But what's to hate?: they mean well, and unless over-sold on money are really quite decent.
Most people are mostly good.

the proof is looking around you.

If most were mostly bad you would be in constant GRAVE danger.

Instead what you have is MOST just trying to go about their business to take care of the people they Love.

Think about that for a second.

Most people seek love.

Love is good

some are like saints

I have met a few of these people

some are complete RAT bastards

a few of them post here