Just finished watching the History channels show on the plague, during the 14th century.

If a similar pandemic occurred today, how much of the population do you think would perish and what do you think would be the result to our current level of civilization?
Since most of the people lived by farming, during the 14th century; what would happen to our dependency on our "appliances"?
Their appliances would stop working.

You don't think there would be enough people left, that would be capable of keeping some of the power flowing?
Hoover Dam is pretty much automated and there wouldn't be a need for it to run a full capacity; seeing as how the output could be regulated to just the immediate local.

Plus a lot of the schools out here have had solar panels placed about the parking areas, which would continue to generate power.
Did you ever watch this series?

Yeah; but it dealt with the aftermath of mankind being completely gone.
Nature abhors a vacuum.

My scenario would possibly have millions of people left and was just wondering what others thought might occur.
That affected a lot of the US; but look how far we've progressed, tech wise, since then.

My mom used to tell me stories of how many people died during the polio epidemic.
An entire family, in one night, just down the block from where she lived.