Orbitcoin -A new cryptocurrency designed to fund research in 'conspiracy theory'


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Hey guys, I am here to try to spread the word to the 'conpiracy theory' community that a new cryptocurrency has been made to help support this community, not just Topix but all over the world.

First: What is a cryptocoin/cryptocurrency?

If you don't know a cryptocurrency is like bitcoin or litecoin, you use computers/gpus to generate hashes which then generate blocks for the blockchain which keeps track of all the transactions that take place on the network.

What is Orbitcoin?

Orbitcoin is based on the Litecoin design, and therefore uses the sCrypt algorithm instead of SHA-256 to generate hashes. This helps with securing the network against 51% attacks (which you can read more about at my link).

Many crypto coins are made with a speciifc reason behind them, for instance CHNcoin was made to support the farmers in China. Orbitcoin is here to support scientific research in areas that are currently deemed 'conpiracy theory' and therefore not work real investigation.

Once Orbitcoin gains enough public awareness we will be able to offer funding to scientist that would like to investigate these theories currently but know that their reputation would be ruined if they were to ask for funding from their normal sources to look deeper into these things.

Here is a like to the release thread on cryptocointalk.com : https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/927-orbitcoin-orb-official-release-thread/

I have been given some ORB coins to give out to people who download the (open source) client and post their payment addresses back to this thread. These are currently worth real money, they are being exchanged on www.coins-e.com for bitcoins and bitcoins are going for ~$95/btc right now. So we are giving you free money just to try it out and look at what we have to offer.

Note: I am not a developer of Orbitcoin but I am a supporter and talk with the dev on an almost daily basis. Any questions I can't answer will be posed to him.

I hope that you don't consider this spam, we are just trying to raise awareness of a new project for funding the work of people interested in conspiracy theory topics and need to get the word out to other people who would like to do the same thing.

Looking forward to hearing back from you guys