Only a couple of weeks left. Something needs to be done or it will be dire


Is it the looming debt ceiling? Nope

Is it the gobblement shut down? Nope

What could it be you may ask? Hurricane Season officially comes to a close and there has been nary a hurricane that can dredge up memories of Hurricane Katrina. Remember all the caterwauling that Katrina was only the BEGINNING of years of unprecedented monster hurricanes? And here we are eight years later and it has all fizzled out.

Never fear, the Warmers will just claim that the lack of hurricanes is in and of itself a sign of Global Warming
hurricanes were shut down.....

There was a cyclone that hit India, though.

It was named in honor of the Obamacare rollout, wasn't it?

Cyclone Phailin — the most powerful cyclone to hit India in 14 years — left a trail of destruction in its wake...