On Stop & Frisk


Shaken, not stirred!
I'm sure by now NYC's battle between the Mayor and his police commissioner versus a court judge regarding how the procedure of "stop & frisk" should occur.

Here's the bottom line: in 10 years 4 million "stop & frisks" have occurred in the NYC area resulting in LESS than 10% actual arrests and/or convictions for the crimes of illegal drugs or weapons possession. The overwhelming majority of these S&P's happened in largely black and hispanic communities. The reason given was that this is where the crime is happening and these are the people committing the crimes.

Now if that is indeed the case, why hasn't the S&P sweeps included Breezy Point? You know, one of the coastal communities slammed by Hurricane Sandy? Check this out:


Now I don't recall ANY mention of S&F in these areas, do you? Stop and think and do the research before you buy into Bloomberg's and Kelly's propaganda.
I hate Bloomberg precisely over this. I really can't stand him. Only racists and cowards support this crap practice...and racist cowards.