APP - On a mission from God


It is hard to even comprehend this stuff, republican hypocrisy requires a new superlative.

'GOP Congressman Stephen Fincher On A Mission From God - Starve The Poor While Personally Pocketing Millions In Farm Subsidies'

GOP Congressman Stephen Fincher On A Mission From God-Starve The Poor While Personally Pocketing Millions In Farm Subsidies - Forbes

"Fincher’s $70,000 farm subsidy haul in 2012 dwarfs the average 2012 SNAP benefit in Tennessee of $1,586.40, and it is nearly double of Tennessee’s median household income. After voting to cut SNAP by more than $20 billion, Fincher joined his colleagues to support a proposal to expand crop insurance subsidies by $9 billion over the next 10 years.”

"Anyone who oppresses the poor is insulting God who made them. To help the poor is to honor God." Proverbs 14:31
So God, in the small minds of Liberals took the form of Government?

One has to wonder how parents fed their children before snap was created? Were children dying of starvation on Americas streets?

The thing that really boggles the mind is that as we see our Government continue to expand towards the $4 trillion mark, every program according to Liberals are a sacred cow without which, society will cease exist as we know it today.

But brain dead toady sheeple who parrot such nonsense do not have the sufficient synapsis to comprehend that they are being led by the nose by corrupt professional politicians willing to promise the sheeple others money in order to buy their vote.

The cuts to this program amount to $36 dollars in California. But according to leftist sheeple, this is an insurmountable amount of money families just cannot make up for.

But here is the reality that leftist sheeple cannot seem to get their teeny tiny minds around; five years into the Obama Presidency, good paying full time jobs are so scarce, that cutting $36 dollars becomes an insurmountable summit of poverty. If we actually had a recovery instead of the malaise of Obamas misguided misygonistic policies, we wouldnt need to extend unemployment benefits into the far future or need snap programs.

Imagine, if you will, how many mouths could have been fed for the $680 million this government wasted to develop a healthcare website that doesn't work.

But alas, liberal sheeple really are THAT dumb.
The problems of this country only started when a black man won the White House? 30 yrs of outsourcing, NWO, Nafta/Gatt, 2 unfunded wars while giving tax cuts to the richest 400 families, deregulation and government obstructionism has nothing to do with it?

Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy?
Be it ideology or stratagem, the GOP has blocked pro-growth policy and backed job-killing austerity – all while blaming Obama

For Amercia to survive, the Republican Party must die
So God, in the small minds of Liberals took the form of Government?

One has to wonder how parents fed their children before snap was created? Were children dying of starvation on Americas streets? ....

You miss the point, if spending for the children and the needy working Americans contributes to our deficit, how is it this man condones his theft of government funds as a presumed leader, and as a pretend farmer. And hunger in America today is a reality, I realize right wing apologists for greed do not wish to see it, blinders work well on wingnuts. If God told this person to hurt the poorest among us, I wish he'd give us the letter or a signed affidavit. Or could it be that this guy is just a typical crook?

"The irony isn’t only that the poor are condemned for being dependent on the state while the rich are not. It’s also that the rich get so much more out of their dependence on the state than the poor. Without the support of the state, poor people’s quality of life would certainly drop, but only by degrees: their lives would go from bad to worse. Take the state’s assistance away from the rich, however, and their lives would take a serious plunge in comfort. No wonder rich people are on the whole conservative: the most ferocious defenders of the status quo are usually those who are most dependent on the system." Amia Srinivasan

"The GOP dreams of a world in which the very rich arrogate to themselves the vast wealth a capitalist economy produces, an outcome made possible by rules, regulations, and practices they devise; given the force of law thanks to “representatives” they usher into office courtesy of a political system they have bought; and sanctified by an activist Supreme Court they have installed. It’s a vicious economic-political noose that threatens to tighten the grip on democracy and make it yield to the slightest pressure from its masters. Republicans must rule the country they profit from, even pillage, while the rest are to be marginalized and dismissed, essentially foreigners in their own land. Those who think Romney and the GOP live in the 1950s may need to reset their calendars. They’re not nearly so modern." Steven Johnston

"This is when the Republican Party set its trap. Meeting in closed sessions at the beginning of the Obama regime, the party of tax cuts for the rich, unfunded wars, and the largest deficit in the history of the country redefined itself. It suddenly became the party of deficit reduction through lean government joined to supreme confidence in unregulated financial and corporate markets. It even opposed the bail out of General Motors and Chrysler, though these actions stopped unemployment from reaching a dangerous tipping point, allowed the two companies time to reconstruct themselves, and enabled them to pay back the loans within two years–-creating one of the most successful bailouts in the history of Euro-American economic life." William E. Connolly See The Contemporary Condition: The Republican Pincer Machine