Obama-Care Operator Exhibits It's Competence


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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- While many Americans worry that the Social Security Administration won't have enough money left to pay their benefits when they retire, the agency is doling out millions of dollars to people who aren't even alive.

The Social Security inspector general estimates that the agency has made $40.3 million in erroneous payments to deceased beneficiaries -- even though the administration had already recorded their deaths in its records. The estimate is based on a sample tested during its most recent audit in January 2008, the watchdog agency said.

One man told CNNMoney that he notified Social Security four years ago that his mother had passed away, but he still can't get the agency to stop sending her checks every month.

Dennis Marvin, a Cleveland-based financial advisor, said several of his clients have grown frustrated by how long it took them to convince Social Security to stop sending payments to deceased family members.


And just think these are the bastards that will be running Obama-Care.
Now that Obamas "if you like it you can keep it" lie has been exposed, the liberals are admitting they wanted single-payer all along.

And sooner or later they're gonna get "single payer." Just look around at a nation full of fucking idiots. Morons that would elect G. W. Bush & Obama twice are clueless political retards! Even the old school neo-con Republicans are all for federal government control of the nation's healthcare. They talk all the time about "fixing or replacing" Obama-Care. What do you suppose it'll end up being "fixed or replaced" with?