O-BOMB-YA ignoring the slaughter of Christians in Syria?

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As Syrians brace themselves for a possible U.S. military attack, many of the county's Christians are praying for divine intervention.

They say military action against the Assad regime will only bring them greater hardship and suffering and they're asking Christians worldwide to pray that God intervenes to bring peace to their nation.

They believe the collective prayers of Christians around the world could reverse an escalating conflict.

That's because they say any U.S. military attack will only strengthen Islamists who have already targeted Christians.

A Syrian pastor who resides in the United States and travels regularly to Syria said he is in constant contact with Christians inside the country.

"The rule of the system of Syria is going to be destroyed and that means what's going to come next is the Sharia law, and the Sharia law is very much against the existence of Christianity in that part of the world," he said.

Islamists have already forced many Christians out of the country.

Others have been murdered or kidnapped and churches have been destroyed.

While many Syrian Christians feel President Obama has abandoned them, they know God has not.

"Obama, he could care less for the Christians in Syria and the Christians around the world," the pastor said.