No guns needed: karate teacher accused of fondling and sodomizing boys

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A karate instructor accused of inappropriately touching three teen students at his dojo in Kalamazoo Township, Mich., has a perverted past.

Authorities revealed in October that Robert Earle Keith, 61, is a convicted sex offender who served more than five years behind bars in Florida for sodomizing two of his students in the 1990s before he got his parole transferred to Michigan.

In 1995, Keith was charged with 59 counts of sexual assault by prosecutors in Broward County, Fla., and later handed a nine year sentence, according to Kalamazoo Township Police Detective Mike Szekely.

Szekely said that one of the allegations was that Keith kidnapped, drugged and assaulted a karate student.

The investigation also showed that Keith repeatedly sodomized a 17-year-old boy.

"Mr. Keith went to trial and the jury found him guilty, and not only did they find him guilty of several counts, but they found him guilty of what they call being a sexual predator," Szekely said.