"No Ammo Returns"


Tea Is The New Kool-Aid
Most major businesses in America are stopping the return of Ammo.

A few months back, and even today, the NRA who is paid $33Million a year by gun manufacturers used mass shootings to drive up gun/ammo sales. After a shooting they used propaganda to instill fear on Americans stating "Obama is going to take your guns!"

Anyone who studies both parties knows that the Left never wanted to ban all guns, never stated they would except for a select few that never owned a weapon and were rarely taken seriously. Even Obama broke a childs heart in the debates when she asked him to ban Assault Style weapons and he had to turn her down publically and explain why.

The Right Wing media drones are now trying to step out from behind their debt and crates of ammo. They are trying to return the ammo sometimes using lies like "I bought the wrong type".

As a Country Boy I was offended when the cashier profiled/told me all sales are final and to make sure the ammo I bought was for the use and purpose it was intended. It took little thought to connect the dots.

This idiotic propaganda is why my deer killing bullets are $1 each this year. Each time I pull the trigger to sight in my scope it's $1. Because the profit party used media to drive up cost. Absolutely pathetic.