New York Inequality

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New York City is a place of inequality–which might seem pretty obvious when you walk down 5th Avenue past the Trump Tower’s gleaming glass facade. But obnoxiously obvious displays of wealth aside, the city’s growing income gap is often much more nuanced and difficult to visualize, which ultimately makes it a lot easier to ignore. But what if we could tell how wealthy a neighborhood is just by the height of their buildings? It would be a lot harder to brush off the fact that in NYC, the divide between the haves and have-nots just keeps growing. Which is exactly why Nickolay Lamm of decided to make it happen.
That map only shows Manhattan. If we looked at Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island you'd see a lot more middle income folks. The value of Manhattan real estate precludes anyone but the very rich or very poor there. The rich can pay anything, the poor living in public housing.

The middle class? Screwed again.
NY has long ben known for murders. People think its a dangerous place to live.

Sadly, suicides outnumber murders by a significant margin. So loneliness is the danger in NY, not thugs.