Nazis Can’t Do Math: Reflections on Racism& Crime - Essay by Tim Wise



Nazis Can’t Do Math: Reflections on Racism, Crime and the Illiteracy of Right-Wing Statistical Analysis

important to clear up the lies that have been bandied about black people, black on white crime and black crime, in general. Here, we have a "white man", telling the truth about black people and white people. And before the naysayers go about destroying the message and the messenger note: Tim Wise » About
He's not just anybody, but respected in many circles and Wise has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs, is a regular contributor to discussions about race on CNN, and was featured in a segment on ABC’s 20/20, in 2007. He has been featured in several documentary films, including “Vocabulary of Change,” a public dialogue with legendary activist and scholar, Angela Davis. His film “White Like Me,” which he co-wrote and co-produced with the Media Education Foundation — and which explores both his personal biography and political analysis — will be released in August, 2013.
So, his word is worth gold to anyone's word here. And I posted it, in the vain hope that folks would stop lying about black people. If you don't, you're a Nazi. Plain and simple. And there will not be a Fourth Reich. I'm jus' sayin'. -poet