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So, as part of a survey for a class, I asked some peoples some questions. 9 of them, one being a 'feedback' question.

2012 vote
2016 planned vote

Party identity

Awareness of political climate and theory

Republican performance
Democratic performance


The results?

Many more Libertarians than I thought, based on the number of 'other' party checks and a solid repub voting record.
'somewhat Oblivious' of political theory is a funny thing to put on the survey.
Commies love Canada.
Many of these survey takers are 'not sure' of which party they identify with or 'unaffiliated' and do not plan to vote.
Even more discerning is many inability to judge the parties, picking 'no comment' with alarming frequency.

This first day, this first hour, I got 62 surveys filled, and only two dumbasses.


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