Mutts kind of union... protecting the workers???

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The Almighty

So the union was certified almost 20 years ago, never negotiated a contract and is now going to force the current workers and the company into mediation for the contract.

The CA state a-holes are going to help their union buddies ram this through.

Employees of Gerawan Farming can earn more than $15 per hour (the state industry average is $8.70) plus modest retirement and health benefits. The Gerawans also pay for the workers' English-language instruction and their children's Catholic school tuition. Silvia Lopez, who has worked on the farm for 15 years, says "there's no place that they care about safety and benefits like Gerawan," and that workers can talk to the owners if they have a problem.

I wonder Mutt... are they fighting for a prevailing wage? Or more union dues?

Then, after nearly two decades without negotiations, UFW organizers turned up last October and demanded a contract that would require employees to pay 3% of their wages in dues (between $600 and $1,000 a year). Gerawan also says that the union wanted the company to fire workers who didn't pay up.

Now if Gerawan can support that final part... please tell us how the union is helping the workers?

Lupe Garcia, who has worked on the farm since 1977, requested that he and 15 other workers be allowed to participate or at the very least observe the mediation, which under state law is "on the record" and should be open to the public. The state board denied the request, ruling that the workers were represented by a committee of employees handpicked by the union.

So the union gets to tell the workers who gets to represent them? I wonder who the union will pick?