Mugabe's British bagman

cancel2 2022

Nicholas Van Hoogstraten is infamous in the UK for being a pretty despicable character, so surprise surprise he is now one of Mugabe's henchmen. It is amazing how muted the hard left is about Mugabe, he is a disgusting despot, racist and homophobe yet they say nothing. He is even bringing in a new law banning whites from owning businesses but that's ok as he is African.


His Excellency was in mad, sparkling form. After thousands of supporters were bussed into a football stadium for an election rally this week, Robert Gabriel Mugabe used the podium to blame Zimbabwe’s ills on western politicians keen to promote equal rights for homosexuals. Flanked by his wife Grace, who has been accused of having an affair with the country’s finance chief because her 89-year-old husband can no longer satisfy her, Mugabe promised to ‘chop the heads off’ gays, and took a swipe at Barack Obama and David Cameron for supporting their rights.

‘This homosexuality thing seeks to destroy our lineage by saying John and John should wed, Maria and Maria should wed,’ thundered Mugabe as his wife nodded approvingly alongside him. ‘Imagine this son born out of an African father — Obama — who says if you want aid, you should accept the homosexuality practice. We will never do that.’ In a long, rambling speech, the despot added: ‘If you take men and lock them in a house for five years and tell them to come up with two children and they fail to do that, then we will chop off their heads.’
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