More Zimmerman v Trayvon


Among all of the issues around the Zimmerman trial, one thing has troubled me and it hasn't gotten much discussion.

The lefties claim that Zimmerman "stalked" poor, young 12 year old looking Trayvon who just wanted Skittles and killed him because he was "walking while black".

This raise one basic question. If Zimmerman were so hell bent on killing a young black lad, why did he call the police first? Why didn't he just hunt Trayvon down and cap his ass? Why even call the police in the first place?

It would seem to me that the prosecutions case is collapsing under its own weight. That being said, I am still not so sure that Zimmerman will be found not guilty as this case has been political from day 1.

The state was right to let Zimmerman go that night because they knew that they could not prove beyond reasonable doubt that Zimmerman acted with "depraved intent" which is the burden the state must prove for 2nd Degree Murder. But, the state succumbed to pressure from Al "Race Hucksta" Sharpton and Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder