monty1 permabanned

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on indefiniate mod break
First, he's been very harshly breaking rule 12 twice, both in an overt over the top way.
The first time was about 10-12 days ago, and the second was right when he got off his ban.

Additionally, he posted this in a thread on here:

I don't know how many times I've asked to be banned permanently from this asshole forum but they keep suspending me. Maybe they'll go for a month this time!

Given that as far as we can tell he's just going to come back and break our rules to extract longer and longer bans, and he doesn't have much of an intention to just be chill folk, and given this is what he's expressly asked for, taken together with his actual recent history showing him breaking the rules, we've decided to grant monty1 his express wish and perma ban him from jpp.
Not open for further replies.