Man Who Set Fire to Ohio Mosque Claims He Got 'Riled Up' Watching Fox News

Who can really blame the weak minded? They are sold that Fox News is Conservative media and this is what they hear;

Meh. Not in the mood to look it up, but I recall a global warming activist and Al Gore protege running around Washington DC a few years back shooting folks too.

I don't recall libs demonizing the global warming movement, Al Gore, or his soon-to-be-Al Jazeera cable channel.

Hypocrisy; the life blood of liberalism.
Islam may be a religion of peace, but, luckily, atheism is not, and I want to punch Michael Savage in the face.

Islam is not a religion of peace. On the contrary, it is the embodiment of everything right-wing conservatives want (oppression of minorities, establishment of an elite class, etc.) They just don't like the packaging.