Louisianan liberals lies laid bare

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Mary Landrieu (D., La.), locked in a competitive reelection race against Rep. Bill Cassidy (R., La.), now claims that she was unaware that Obamacare would disrupt existing insurance arrangements.

“It was our understanding when we voted for that bill that people when they have insurance could keep with what they had. So I’m going to be working on that fix,” she said.

But that’s not accurate.

It was well known, as far back as 2009, that millions of Americans would lose their existing coverage under Obamacare.

Landrieu still voted for it.

In September of 2010, Sen. Mike Enzi (R., Wyo.) introduced legislation that would protect small businesses from losing their health plans’ grandfathered status under Obamacare.

Landrieu voted against the bill.

Landrieu’s flip-flop illustrates the potency of this issue.

If Americans were truly being forced off of their existing insurance plans that they like and into better and more affordable ones, the outcry would be minimal.

But that isn’t what’s happening. People are being forced into inferior and costlier plans.

Isn't this the same Democrat Governor who deflected her failure of leadership during Hurricane Katrina on the Bush Administration after having ignored their warnings?

A familiar pattern indeed.