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Danny Trevathan, a second-year Denver Broncos linebacker from Kentucky, intercepted a Joe Flacco pass late in his team’s season opener against the Baltimore Ravens and had nothing but clear sailing to the end zone. He picked off the ball at the 30, was free at the 20 and had the rest of the Ravens behind him at the 10. Trevathan’s first NFL touchdown was easy as any and would have put Denver up 49-17 on the defending Super Bowl champions.

But before crossing into the end zone, Trevathan opted for the hot-dog route and dropped the ball like he was Kanye dropping a mic, as if scoring his first NFL touchdown was no big deal. It wasn’t, because he didn’t.

Since Trevathan dropped the ball before crossing the line, there was no touchdown.

And because no one recovered the ball in the field of play, Baltimore got possession back on its own 20-yard line. :palm:

"I was just in the moment," Trevathan said, via the Broncos official website. "I thought I was in the end zone. Next time I'm going hold the ball up high and give it to a fan or something. But it's not going to happen again. I'm growing from it and I'm not let going to let anybody stop me."
There was a lot of hilarity in that game. The collision was just as retarded, and then Welker's fumble made me laugh as well.
Bronco fan is elated!
Manning looks way better than last years opener!
Coaches love yelling points in big wins.
A guy in my fantasy league has Peyton Manning, Ray Rice, and Wes Welker, and already has 117 points with six more starters to play. I'm glad I didn't have to play him this week.