Libert-E Act defeated


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WASHINGTON – The Obama administration and National Security Agency narrowly averted an embarrassing setback Wednesday as the House defeated an attempt to block the collection of massive volumes of telephone records on domestic calls.

By a 217-205 vote, the House defeated a proposal by Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., that would have limited the collection of so-called metadata by the NSA.

The proposal was among the first significant challenges to a program that has drawn scrutiny after a former NSA contract employee leaked details of it.

While unsuccessful, Amash drew together a diverse coalition of libertarian Republicans, law-and-order conservatives and liberals, who all said they were troubled by the NSA's collection of data on people who were not under criminal investigation.

The amendment, which was attached to a defense spending bill, would have required the government to show any collection of data is related to a specific individual.