Liberals, prepare to attack!

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Obamas' approval rating has fallen to the level of former President George W. Bush
The question is who do they attack? I mean you even have hard leftie Diane Feinstein coming out calling for a delay in Obamacare. Doesn't she know it is the law of the land? It can't be delayed.
Dear Leaders' signature achievement is a giant turd, and who knows how many Democrats the sinking ship of Obamacare will suck down to the bottom with it?

The Lefts' only hope is the sexagenarian Hildebeast of Benghazi, and nobody can list a single accomplishment of hers, can they?
BAC's signature contains more than a kernel of truth: Cognitive dissonance is very difficult to overcome. While not into the mid-lower 30's yet, every indication is that if something doesn't change quickly, that is where his approval numbers are heading. Like Bush, the second term may well be a game changer.