Let's ALL Pray for President George W. Bush to get Well, He Had Procedure


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Pray for a great President to get well. Great when you consider how Bush handled 911 because of 19 bad guys who were already here during the Clinton Watch and attacked US after Bush first came into Office, bad luck. President Bush did keep US safe during his 8 years, no Fast and Furious or BenghaziGate under his Administration's watch........................... "Former President George W. Bush underwent a procedure Tuesday morning to have a stent placed in an artery after a blockage was discovered in an annual physical examination, according to his office".
It's a shame you loaded up your post with so much stuff I don't agree with; he was not a great president, to start with.

But I can agree with you that I hope he has a speedy recovery; sounds like he will.
A true American hero, unlike that piece of shit we have now. Our embassies are closed due to terrorist threats, what does the wimp do? Goes and plays golf with his boyfriend Reggie Love.
I still look back fondly on the time I almost broke G.W. Bushs' hand. Not that I harbor any personal animosity against him, it just makes me smile. I should have changed my name to President Crusher.
I couldn't care less about GWB the politician.

But I do hope that GWB the HUMAN BEING recovers fully and lives a long, healthy life like his father.