Kids Get ‘Smog Day’ As Pollution Shuts Down Chinese City~ Smell that Liberty


Tea Is The New Kool-Aid
Your argument seems to be with libertarians bordering on anarchists, who as the national elections demonstrate muster up about 1% of the population. So basically you're arguing with no one, although in the on-line forum population they seem to be legion.

That said, conservatives do not preach for zero environmental oversight. They say oversight needs to be applied selectively because it negatively impacts business and the economy. If your argument is, as it appears to be, that this situation in China demonstrates that environmental restrictions can not be overdone, that's just a nonsensical false dichotomy of two extremes.

What you should look at in China is how when there are virtually zero restrictions in place how fast an economy can grow. Then, when some unbathed hippy decides that some 1/4 inch minnow is more important than irrigating an entire farming valley in might be able to say, "OK, that sounds a bit extreme."

As opposed to the usual "ZOMG! You hate the environment! You want to poison our children!"