Kerry proposed the turnover before the russians did

Clark is saying right now On TV that the president used the threat of force to bring this about.

weak in war huh?
I'm going to point out the Syrians trust the Russians much better than they trust us, and the fact that Kerry didn't "propose" a solution, he just threatened that if it didn't happen in a week there'd be consequences. Kindergarten threats and stupid "red line" comments notwithstanding, Obama may not get to kill more brown people in a new place. Will he throw a fit?

I called my Congressman today to inform him that we do not want him voting for action in Syria at this time. I also called both Senators. I'll call them every day until the vote.
Nope he said they could avoid this all if they did.

Threats huh?

I guess you only like playing good cop bad cop when its Rs doing it
may I remind you that I suggested it before either Kerry or Putin....I believe the first time I suggested it was nearly two weeks ago......and I am glad that Assad comes here for're all very welcome........
here's me saying it on September 6
will bombing Syria make it more likely or less likely that they can be about negotiating a deal whereby Russia takes over their security.....

here's me saying it on September 4
I will suggest it again.....we could avoid all this if Russia took possession of all Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons....then we would know 1) it would not be used against Syrians......and 2) if Syria falls, it will not be used against non-Syrians either.......

there would be no reason for Russia to refuse.....the alternative for Assad is being bombed and certainly he isn't stupid enough to refuse on the basis of saying he needs to use it against Syrians.....

and the first time on September 3
I have a solution.....what if Russia agreed to take possession of his WMD stockpiles.....