Jury Finds Police Not Liable for Occupy Protester's Injuries


A jury has found the city of Portland and two police officers not liable for injuries suffered by an Occupy Portland protester at a demonstration in 2011.

Jurors heard closing arguments, then deliberated four hours before returning their verdict. Their decision: Officers did not violate Elizabeth Nichols’ free speech rights. Nor did they use excessive force when they shoved her in the throat with a baton, pepper sprayed her open mouth and dragged her by her hair.

Nichols’ attorney, Kenneth Kreuscher, says he’s disappointed with the verdict.

“It’s hard to know what happens behind the curtain in the jury room,” Kreuscher said. “I certainly wish I was a fly on the wall to hear the jury’s deliberations.”

Nichols was seeking $30,000.




B11, nice shooting....

The American jury is the crown jewel of our legal system. Never underestimate the intelligence of twelve Americans charged with doing justice.
I look forward to the day when people realize that most idiots are police statists that will have no respect for the rights of anyone but themselves, so they bring firearms to these protests to start killing cops.