judge blocks Wi abortion law

society does not agree its murder.

that has already been hashed out by the American people
what would the supreme court know about the constitution?

Oh....nothing......OTHER THAN IT'S THEIR FUCKING JOB!!!!

Moron.....I know....then the cops came in and forced Scott Walker at gunpoint to.lie on the floor and went to all his neighbors' houses and forced them at gunpoint to allow them to conduct surveillance activities.
Disappointed there will be fewer state-enforced rapes of women dweeb?

Threedee is a huge supporter of the long-forgotten (on this site) war on children. I wish Tiana would come back more often. Those were good times.
There was in my state. Before the SCOTUS made abortion legal across the nation, the state of Colorado voted to legalize abortion.
Yea....that's what we should have tried. We tried sending all our Catholics to Alabama........but there's some things even a Catholic won't do. So that kinda bit us in the ass.