From my friend's blog, Political Carnival:

POPE FRANCIS is back from his trip to Brazil. While in Rio he said, it is not his job to judge gays. That’s what the Tony Awards are for.

Actually, the POPE’S exact words were, “Let he who is without sin cast the first musical.”

That’s right, POPE FRANCIS will not judge gays. In response, the gays said they will not judge the POPE for wearing that robe with those shoes.

NSA whistle blower, EDWARD SNOWDEN, finally got to leave the Moscow airport after being there for five weeks. When asked what he wanted to eat, he said, “Anything but a Cinnabon.”

Nevada’s parole board said O.J. SIMPSON could be granted early parole. O.J. said he’s looking forward to getting out and showing today’s NFL players how to REALLY murder someone.

There’s a good chance Yankee 3rd baseman, ALEX RODRIGUEZ, could be banned from baseball for life. How good a chance? He got 2-to-1 odds from PETE ROSE.

LINDSAY LOHAN got out of rehab. This is her sixth visit. You know what that means. The next one is a free week at BETTY FORD.

Happy birthday to ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER who turned 66 this week. ARNOLD celebrated quietly at home with friends and family. Then the maid showed up to clean and the party really got started.

DONALD TRUMP said, “there is something mentally wrong with ANTHONY WEINER. The guy is dangerous, unstable, and disgusting.” Look for WEINER to take GARY BUSEY’S place next season on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

WEINER will continue running for Mayor of New York. He feels he should have NEVER left Congress and gone back to the private sector. It’s in the “Private Sector” where all his problems began.

PRESIDENT OBAMA will celebrate his 52nd birthday this week. Republicans are demanding he cut his age to 49.

At his party OBAMA cut the cake. Republicans want to cut everything else.

Congress just left Washington on their summer vacation. This will be the most productive 5 weeks the town will have all year.