Jobs report

Cancel 2016.2

The Almighty

Most of the job creation came on the low end—in the retail trade and hospitality industry of bartenders and wait staff, with respective gains of 47,000 and 38,000.
Professional and business services also added 36,000.

Way to go Obama!

Previous months' job creation numbers were revised lower, bucking a trend in which the counts mainly have been taken up.

The BLS now puts May job growth at 176,000 from the previously reported 195,000, while June's figure fell to 188,000 from 195,000.

At the same time, long-term unemployment rose, with the average duration of joblessness now at 36.6 weeks.

And wage growth fell: After rising 10 cents an hour last month, average wages fell 2 cents to $23.98 an hour, while the average work week decreased by 0.1 hours to 34.4 hours.

You want to implement policies (tighter monetary and fiscal policies) that would shrink the economy and increase unemployment in the short-term.

Had we done so when I first stated it, we would have been out of the mess by now and would not have accumulated another $5 Trillion in debt.

You want to borrow even more and stick the bill on future generations.