It is now legal to fap in public in Sweden

Trying him for sexual assault was kind of overblown. I don't see why it should be treated as anything different than nudity. Certainly, if someone were having sex in public they wouldn't be treated so harshly.
One day, I want to make choose your own adventure story on reddit using just spoiler tags. It will inevitably end in you getting executed, though.
So, I guess you fly off to Sweden, hut the beach, find a group of hot girls, and star tapping near them.

Bonus if one of them comes over and starts helping.
i think that's still illegal

the guy didn't get convicted, because it wasn't directed at anyone.

I don't think you can just walk up to someone, stare them down, and then start going at it.
That's why you just stare at them to get yourself in the mood. Then turn so you only have them slightly in your peripheral vision, and start the fapping.