Is this why McDonalds' workers deserve higher pay?

Is this why McDonalds' workers deserve higher pay?

  • Yes, because if they were paid more this wouln't happen

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  • Yes, because I hate cops so I LOLed

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  • Yes, because the government should decide what workers make

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  • No

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Police officer claims McDonald’s worker deliberately served him raw burger

Officer Rob Moore pulls up to the McDonald’s drive-through in Derry, New Hampshire a couple times a week for some fast food, ordering a double quarter pounder with cheese. It’s usually the only place open working the night shift.

“I was the only one at the restaurant. I drove through and I was in full uniform,” said Moore. He grabbed his order and pretty hungry he dug in and quickly took four bites before realizing something was wrong. “I took the bun off and the patty revealed a raw mess and I’m sitting there holding that. I couldn’t believe what I just ate.”

Moore believes it was no accident given the circumstances. “A lot of people don’t like police officers, all the circumstances are there. Only one there in full uniform and it was obviously cooked after I arrived.”

A few hours later he became violently ill. Moore says he contacted the franchise owner and was told the cook was a manager in training.