Iran Freedom and Support Act of '06.....$10 Million Cost to Tax Payers....Why?


Tea Is The New Kool-Aid
The Iran Freedom Support Act (Pub.L. 109–293, 120 Stat. 1344, H.R. 6198, enacted September 30, 2006) is an Act of Congress that appropriated $10 million and directed the President of the United States to spend that money in support of groups opposed to the Iranian government. Opponents claimed the bill was a first step towards a US-led invasion of the country.[1][2]

In response to the passage of the bill, President George W. Bush lauded the Congress "for demonstrating its bipartisan commitment to confronting the Iranian regime's repressive and destabilizing activities." [3]

Another bill named incorrectly making it seem pleasant that Bush made.

This bill was put in place long before the talks of nukes in Iran. Ironically we were talking about going to war with Iran around last election, well, the Right was. It was all over Fox News that there were "probable nukes under the blue tarps" in a picture of tarps.

So explain the necessity of this bill to me "Conservatives"..