In U.S., 52% Back Law to Legalize Gay Marriage in 50 States


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In U.S., 52% Back Law to Legalize Gay Marriage in 50 States
Americans would legalize gay marriage nationwide, favor equal rights for such unions
by Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ -- If given the opportunity to vote on a law legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states, the slight majority of Americans, 52%, say they would cast their vote in favor, while 43% would vote against it.

Across the nation's major demographic, political, and religious groups, support for the proposed law ranges from as high as 77% among self-described liberal Americans, and 76% among those with no religious affiliation, to as low as 23% among weekly churchgoers, and 30% among Republicans and conservatives.

Other groups showing at least 60% support for legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide include Democrats, adults aged 18 to 34, those who rarely or never attend a church or other place of worship, moderates, Easterners, and Catholics. Others showing less than 50% support include Protestants, adults 55 and older, Southerners, and men.
that was an effort to prevent one state from imposing its decisions against the other 49.....liberals have no problem with that, obviously....