If you like your doctor, you can keep it

when the republican party has to heave the fucking idiot liars like you to survive what will you do?
The truth and reality is that millions will be losing their current doctors as Governments and private enterprise make changes to thier existing plans thanks to this train wreck called Obamacare.

The scar of this mess will affect the American sheeple psyche for decades to come.

But let's not forget what the ultimate purpose of the Obamacare train wreck is; to destroy the private insurance business in the US and eventually supplant it with something much worse...single payer universal Government managed healthcare.
Obama lied.

A bigger issue is when hasn't Obama lied. Yet the brain dead dimwits on the left continue to desperately support this liar in Cheif because their ideology is built upon the lie of "whatever it takes because they know best what is for the common good and care more than anyone else on the planet".