How's that bandwagon going?


Police: Zimmerman domestic dispute probe on hold until new evidence surfaces

The investigation of a domestic dispute between George Zimmerman and his estranged wife is on hold because there is no clear evidence to charge anyone and neither side wants to press the case, a police spokesman said Wednesday<snip>

...Zimmerman said his wife was "taking property that was not agreed upon and he began taking pictures and recording the items," the report said...
They will get him for something. Jaywalking, spitting on the sidewalk.
The authorities need to appease President Obama, Jessie Jack-son's in Jail and All Sharptongue, anything to have Zimmer spend some time in jail, and permanently take his gun rights away. Zimmer needs to watch himself, because I would not put it past his wife to set him up, especially if she is a Liberal. Zimmer needs to stay away from the "Beach", because there are many pretty fish in the sea just waiting for him to win his big money suit against NBC/Florida. How much of that settlement will be community property will be a major issue later after the divorce.
I know of NO liberal that wishes any ill-will whatsoever towards George Zimmerman. That's a rightwingnut wet dream. On the other hand, I think George is doing very well for himself, all things considered.