Home schooled children outpacing public school students


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Do you know there are 10 and 12- year-old students already attending college classes in America? It is happening every day as parents flee the public schools and instead educate their children at home.

All across the U.S. home schooled children continue to surpass children subjected to the dumbing-down process that is offered by public education. The results are by the time home schooled students are in the 8th grade, they are four years ahead of their public/private school counterparts.

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I think that when properly done and there are a myriad of ways to do so, homeschooling is a positive movement for some families. I see more benefits than negatives and the movement itself has changed, from 'very religious' to 'more concerned about education and problems in the schools.'

But also growing are parents of kids, from middle-high school who have problems with teachers, peers, police, basically everyone. There is a move towards 'unschooling' or 'deschooling' which is basically just removing the kids from the schools and 'writing a curriculum' that is maybe or maybe not being accepted by the child. That is a problem.
Parents should be responsible for educating their children. Now of course the left will say "but, what about johnny whose mother is a crack addict" or "betsy lu sue whose daddy ran out on her".

To which I say, the free market will provide. It always has, and it always will. Instead of treating people like little helpless waifs, the gobblement should just stand aside. People can figger it out. They aren't as helpless as lefties make them out to be.

And there is tons of charity. As much as the lefties love to whine and complain about the 1%, those rich folks sure give lots of money away to see their names put on stuff.

I don't see Joe Six Pack poor guy building any libraries.
To which I say, the free market will provide.

Bullshit and you know it. Eliminating public education would only complete our transformation into an oligarchy. This is why virtually all founding fathers, including James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, supported public education.