Happy halloween


I have to go for the day because I have lots to do.

Hope you all enjoy this little holiday and have a great time.

see you on the flip side.

Unless I have a minute or two to kill during the day.

be true to your ghoul
I understand you wear your costume year-round...


whom ever that person is they have more class, comedy and fun in their personalities than either of you christiany type sociopathic human waste
what costume?

Your the poster who pretends to be a right winger and does NOTHING but embarrass the other righties and makes a fool of yourself all all day long
so tell me in your days work of making the right in this country look like a pack of off med brain damaged mental midgets what do you imagine people on the internets are wearing?

how does this internets tubes night viewing googles work?
Is that how you solve all your own problems?

you must be a walking rattling human pill box