Reverend Bones

Pikachu is of the devil!
All prayers to any just deity are sent directly to God. Since God must take seriously all prayers given to a just deity does this make all religions somewhat valid? All religions have recorded miracles preformed by God. Regardless if someone is Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, or historical religions like the ancient Greeks or ancient Egyptians. All cultures have always believed in some sort of deity or deities. Have Humans always prayed to some sort of deity because their prays were answered occasionally? There are also records of people in different religions performing miracles on God's behalf. Is someone goodness, faith, and character more important for performing miracles on God's behalf then correct religious doctrine. Does having the true faith of God necessary for having your prays answered or not? Or for being able to perform miracles on God's behalf? Did God help people who pray To Zeus or other ancient Gods? Does God perform miracles for all current religions? If someone prays to feel the presence of God does he discriminate against those who don't have the correction religious doctrine? Are Muslims, Jews and Christians able to feel the presence of the same God? Does God not also allow Hindu Monks or Native Americans to feel his presence when they pray to their Gods? Perhaps God allows all religions to have divine encounters with him.

Also there can be no evidence of God before the Human race came into existence. Before humans there were no souls to save, civilizations to build, or people praying and thus no need for miracles. If energy, gravity exist all else will follow scientifically. God created a Universe that operates on scientific principles. Any evidence of God's role in the creation of the Universe must be buried behind trillions of years to a point in time where humans could never find it. Energy must have existed in one form or another for an infinite amount of time. Never bet your faith on the probability that God screw up when creating the Universe and left some evidence of his existence out there. Everything from the origin of the Universe to the origin of life must have a scientific explanation because that’s the way God made it. All evidence of God can only be found in the miracles recorded over the past 5,000 years.

Evil is a part of the Earth and is a natural part of being human and having free will. People will eventually get over their lives after they have been dead for a hundred years. Evil is not necessary it simple exists because of the choices people make. God has no obligation to solve our problems. The problems of life will one day become irrelevant when we are enjoying the afterlife. The world is a dangerous place. The world operates on natural cycles which can harm us. People choose to be evil. Eventually after people have been dead for 100 years they will start to get over their lives. Since we have an immortal soul we have a very long time to get over are lives while were enjoying the afterlife. Eventually the evil of Earth will become irrelevant to us. Most likely people who die are better off than those who live. As the Earth is a finite place animals and people have to die on a regular basis.
Energy has existed in one form or another for an infinite amount of time. Most of it got concentrated in a single point at some point in time and exploded in the big bang 14 billion years ago. The Universe is a new thing but energy has always existed. Energy could have spent trillions of years doing all kinds of interesting things before the origin of the Universe. God obviously created energy and infinite amount of time ago. Everything is scientifically explainable because that is the Universe God created. There can be no evidence of God's existence before Humans because there were no souls to be saved, no civilizations to build or people to pray. Science can never prove God's existence because God made sure of it. There will always be an answer and an explanation that doesn't need God at least until humans entered the picture. Just as the Greek Gods weren't needed to explain nature god is not needed to explain anything either. If God ever slipped up when creating the Universe then he wouldn't be perfect and he must in fact be perfect therefore there can be no evidence of his existence before the human race came into existence. You also can't define God into existence and manipulating language or philosophy terms. You at best can say that God might exist. Creating mind traps doesn't prove God's existence. In a philosophical argument God is only necessary if you make him so. You can have true premises and a false conclusion. If you try to prove God's existence by pure logic without any evidence it should be an inductive argument rather than a deductive argument. God's existence cannot be proven. God's existence can also not be disproven. However the burden lays on the one trying to prove his existence. God ensured that you will never succeed in proving that he exists or else what would be the point of faith. If there was evidence billions of years ago that God existed then he really screwed up. If there was evidence of his existence before humans then God would be a failure. Any evidence of God's role in the creation of the Universe must be buried behind hundreds of trillions of years so that humans could never find it.
Who is a just deity? A version of God, like Allah? Or Jehovah? Or Zeus, Mars? Is 'Just' subjective to a culture, or is it defined by universal values? What about the evolution of God, from OT to NT?