Gender Neutrall Marines


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While the BIG government quacks, supporters of the Military Industrial ,Complex and military brass complain about the negative severity of the sequester and how its limiting the military’s ability to keep America safe, the Marine Corps spends $8 million on new gender neutral hats for their male and female members I reckon to make it harder for political correct morons to tell them apart. How fucking sweet is that?
Also fixed your title. I think you could do us the courtesy of spelling Marines properly.
Yeah maybe they quit raping woman in the service before we treat them like more than a jail vs military option.
so you think they should have paid LESS for the hats?

what is your beef?

Well moron fatty I’ll spell it out for you. I would be outraged if I weren’t so amused that the BIG government bastards complain about a sequester that actually has them spending more taxpayer’s money in 2013 than they did in 2012, listening to them cry and bitch about never having enough loot and the Military Industrial Complex promoters claiming that they can’t adequately defend the country because of the sequester but then they can somehow find millions for fucking hat redesign to promote political correctness.

It’s enough to make intelligent people puke! The ”intelligent” thingy leaves you out fatty.
What females Marines did YOU see? And the different hats are for dress uniforms. Cammies are the same.

Something about a true indeoendent female, without the crutch of feminism beneath her.
Or maybe, at least, some moderation. Free thinking.