Frustration Grows for GOP Donors


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While the Tea Party people are running around like they won something others in the party are beginning to see that taking the kinds of stands that this Congress has taken is really not helpful and they want to win races in 2014 so many of them are trying to find better and more sure ways to win than dumping their money into the hands of Karl Rove and his unproductive cohorts! The Republican are split and the split is widening. The TeaParty members are bringing the Republican Party to its knees and the people with money who are tired of a recovery that never occurred are getting tired of losing when they could be accomplishing things instead of voting to defund ObamaCare about 42 times this session.

Donors' frustration with GOP mounts

Republican donors were horrified in November after pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns for president and Congress with nothing to show for it. A year later they’re appalled by how little has changed, angered by the behavior of Republican lawmakers during a string of legislative battles this year capped by the shutdown, and searching for answers.
In conversation after conversation, donors express growing frustration with the party and the constellation of outside groups they’ve been bankrolling. After getting squeezed last year by an array of campaign committees, party committees and disparate super PACs, many of them are still sitting on their checkbooks — a worrisome sign for the party with the 2014 midterm elections fast approaching.

Some donors are looking to take matters into their own hands.

New York City GOP mega-bundler Paul Singer has held a series of informal, and a few very formal, discussions in recent months with other extremely wealthy donors about how best to spend their cash in 2014, including debating the idea of forming a new entity to play a serious role in the midterm races. Its focus would be on improving the quality of Republican candidates in the hopes of avoiding more Todd Akin-like candidates who blow eminently winnable races.

“He wants to win,” one donor who attended a session said of Singer. The donor stressed that the hedge fund billionaire’s meetings, like other informal gatherings among the monied class this year, were taking place well prior to the government shutdown.

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