Forever 21...but only working 29.5 hours weekly


While liberals were busy bemoaning the low wages of the minimally skilled hamburger flippers and other fast food employees, while Congress and the unions were busy exempting themselves from the Obamacare they pushed for,, another group of workers was falling victim to the Unaffordable Health Care Act.

Shop girls. Sales clerks.

Forever 21, the privately held fast fashion retailer teen aged girls just lo-o-ove, recently informed many full time employees that beginning Sunday, August 18 they were suddenly part time employees; their maximum working hours dropping to 29.5 hours a week.

Obamacare's mandatory employer provided health insurance kicks in for employees who work a minimum of...30 hours. How convenient for the company which naturally denies Obamacare inspired the decision; instead because

"Company-wide, Forever 21 recently audited its staffing levels, staffing needs and payroll in conjunction with reviewing its overall operating budget. As a result, we are reducing a number of full-time non-management positions.
Based on our audit, your position will be reclassified as Part-Time.."
Medical coverage of all types will end as will paid time off.

Expect to see other companies taking similar action--cutting working hours to just under 30 but piously denying Obamacare is the reason. Thank you Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-extremely wealthy Californian) for passing Obamacare so we could see what was in it--lost wages, lost opportunities, higher expenses for those least able to afford it; exemptions and other exceptions for the favored, wealthy few.

The Democratic liberal way in action. For all to see.


Obamacare strikes again, liberals should be very happy.

It had nothing to do with Obamacare, but thanks for watching FOX.

"Forever 21, like all retailers, staffs its stores based on projected store sales, completely independent of the Affordable Care Act,"

And wazzamatta? You couldn't find a picture of a fat niggrah kid working at Forever 21?