feed people you monsters

and you don't want bread and milk covered either which will cause children and vets to go hungry
Here is what idiot Borg drones like Desh don't get. We are not opposed to a safety net, just not a safety Queen-Size bed. This is why I support tighter requirements on social welfare benefits.
Wow. It was almost impossible getting to the store this morning. I have to get a snow plow for my car to get through all the bodies of kids and vets that starved to death. They're really piling up in the streets around here! But that's neither here nor there. Let me ask 2 questions:
1) Didn't Obama have to sign that farm bill? What kind of a monster is HE?

2) The damn IRS took in a record 2.7 TRILLION bucks in taxes this year. What the hell are the democrats spending all that money on?


1. He was forced to sign, Republicans put a gun to his head and told him to sign or else.

2. The IRS spent most of the money investigating 501c Tea Party groups, the rest for things like this ---

This is describes Deshy and her jungle fever for Obama

I sure did.

and he stopped with his drug dealing right after I spit in his fucking face.

I never saw him again