Federal appeals court reinstates most Texas abortion restrictions

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A federal appeals court issued a ruling Thursday reinstating most of Texas' controversial new abortions restrictions, just three days after a federal judge ruled they were unconstitutional.

The decision by the panel of judges at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals means as many as 12 clinics won't be able to perform the procedure starting as soon as Friday.

The panel said the law requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital can take effect.

Looks like Edith Jones needs a little of the Shira Sheindlin treatment, right?

"The decision was not unexpected, however. The Fifth Circuit court is one of the nation’s most conservative, comprised in part of one judge who has garnered praise from Rush Limbaugh, and openly anti-choice chief justice Edith Jones, who has been accused of “making denigrating statements against minorities and people with mental disabilities,” and who has been put under review by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts."