Facts, People's mentality and his torical justice

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Facts, People's mentality and his torical justice

Or about what conclusions can be arrived at if we take into account only the bare facts of history.

Known - the Jews formed a nation left Egypt. The reason was the end of an order to deprive the Jews of Pharaoh privileged position in which they were in the country for over 200 years and ordered to carry out construction work along with other subjects. Not wishing to engage in grueling physical labor, the Jews left the land of plenty together and their host once the Egyptian people, taking their belongings good and gold, which they then, despite the warning, and the prophecy of Moses, cast the golden calf, which became the fate of the Jewish people. Since then, the Jews wander through the world, and even created for the Jews in 1948 in parts of the state of Palestine, Israel and the Jews not live in push it and the reason for it, in my opinion, people's mentality and the same golden calf.

The peoples of different mentality: - a sort of hereditary constant defining the people, and this is not just a visual difference, but his character, behavior, and even a way of life. For example the Russian people, a distinctive feature - complete lack of self-organization. This people, as history shows, in constant need of the organizers and leaders of business executives at all levels and from the side. Another example, the Roma people are not self-sufficient. If you give Roma the ground, say, treat it, let it feeds you, build a house, the city created its own state in the end, the word live as you see fit. The next morning, you will not find them there. They have a different way of being. They will not do in his "stealing horses." English "my house - my fortress" not a gypsy, in a house he would die of hunger.

Nature is very complex system, including human society. There are works of nature plants and animals enjoying life activity of others, and we do not know much, and are unlikely to learn all the secrets of Nature. And is it possible to take drastic action in favor of expediency, which has the power of a man, is not the right solution in the future may well be a fatal mistake. In short, "if the stars are lit, it means someone has to." After all, if there were no germs, then there would not be in the nature and immunity. I think that wisdom lies in the fact that perceive the world as a multi-faceted, it is. Learn to resist, to fight, but not destroyed. After all, if the world triumphed over German Nazism - perfect order, no matter how boring and spiritually poor humanity would not think that this will bring you to the end, but you never know ... because the entropy measure of chaos, which is equal to zero, there is nothing. Nature or with simple set up different people, it is the difference and is the engine of civilization. By the way, Judaism actually is an ideology of the End. The arrival of the Messiah (Messenger) provides for the destruction of all non-Jews and the reign of the chosen people, in a single copy, representing the human race, but in this nelly, "who will milk cows on Saturdays?" Not really the Messiah! Judaism is essentially little different from the Nazi ideology, with the only difference being that if the Nazi ideology of Nazi Germany included the subjection of peoples to higher German race, that Judaism does being denied future Gentiles.

But back to our Jewish and the Golden Calf. Judaism, unlike Christianity can engage moneylender Jew, but with one condition, lend only goyim. Thus, whether driving in religious ideology by your mentality, or following it, the Jews among non-Jews in Christian countries gained financial health, which could take place in the homeland of the Jews because of religious ban on this type of activity in their environment.
No other type of activity does not so easy enrichment without any physical costs. Perhaps this is the reason decision Jewish people and at the same time the persecution of him in almost all countries. Is not that just the Ottoman Empire, which gave shelter to 500 years ago, Spanish Jews, is an exception. It should be noted that even the incident occurred with the "Mavi Marmara", in which Israeli commandos killed nine Turkish citizens human rights, are not adversely affected the Jews living in Turkey. And really, what does a Jew who sells gold at the Istanbul bazaar, to what they do hawks from Tel Aviv.
The desire to have money in preference to any other property, whether land, factory, farm, make the Jews mobile. They like the Roma, who appreciate the absolute freedom and gold, are not tied to one place and can migrate to any vending their country. After all, the name "Jew" is translated as nothing more than "gone over." A good example is the mass migration of Jews associated with the collapse of Communism and the collapse of the USSR, and preference was given to America and the rich countries of Western Europe, mainly Germany, despite the Holocaust, and not problematic for Israel. It took the pressure of the Jewish lobby in the U.S. Congress to redirect Soviet Jews to Israel, providing for the purpose of the U.S. $ 10 billion budget.

For a Jew money are valuable in themselves, and are a means to enlarge the scheme: money - (mediation, foreign exchange) is money - in other words, the money put into circulation, to make money. Germans see the money means for production, that is, they do not appreciate the money as such, but a product that can be made on the money (according to the scheme: product - money - product). Therefore, banks have been the Rothschilds, and the means of production from the croup.

But not always for the money can buy everything. For example, there was a famine, no one will sell you bread. And then, the money can be taken away, the one who made the money gun. No wonder the prophet Moses warned his tribe from the worship of the Golden Calf. Unfortunately, either then or later, that charge is left without proper obedience. The people, who can not feed himself, will always depend, - gold not grow corn. And in order to grow grain, we need not only his own land, but also their sweat. But with this there is a known problem. Well, there's a big and important politically active Jewish community in America, which is influenced by the Congress, together with the local president. True to the young Obama got some occasion, too much, he allowed himself at the beginning of his presidency, in contrast to its predecessors, but, according to his report to the leadership of the Jewish lobby (AIPAC), the American president has realized that if he wanted to continue his political career, he will have to consider the interests of world Jewry, even if they do not coincide with the interests of his country and its taxpayers, pay for, including the lives of American soldiers, political adventures and unnecessary wars to the detriment of the United States itself (1).

Thus, the current situation, namely the existence of the Jewish state of Israel, while the Jewish community in America, as the most powerful country in the world, is the best option for the Jewish people as a political and economic points of view.
It is doubtful that the Jews, it was all in Israel, will maintain their financial well-being. The fact that it was achieved in an environment of other people and not the fact that the Jews in the Holy Land to keep the same level of wealth, which they have in the Diaspora. Yes, and to lobby for the interests of Israel need Jewish community in America, and without the military power that Israel can not alone against the Arabs. Apparently, the balance between the number of Jews in Israel, and their number in the Diaspora is the ideal for the prosperity of the Jewish people in a given historical period, and the main challenge in this balanced system, it is to confront the Arab pressure and territorial claims with reference to the story. However, if we follow the historical truth, that Egypt should be part of Israel after the first migration of Jews out of Egypt and was born in Egypt, the Jewish people. In those days the Arabs there and was not close, and the Sinai desert Jews mastered the legend for 40 years when no quarter, and even more so with the Arab, it did not receive any complaints. It is quite possible cause of the destruction of the First and Second Temples in the fact that they were not built in the right place and the Third Temple will be built in Egypt, as the true home of the Jewish people. After all, he could not afford to destroy a God created in his honor Temple. Imagine what would have looked good the Third Temple near the Sphinx, overlooking the pyramids of Egyptian pharaohs.

That's based on hard facts, and tendentious private no commenting on them, can be branded an anti-Semite or anti-Russian, or ..., and so on. While, on the other hand, the fact that it is something that, as it does not comment, it will remain a fact for all time!