Egyptians killing their own people - another chance for Warlord Obama?

Big Money

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No one will say how many have died. No one will reveal how many are in prison. There is no agreement even on how many demonstrators turned out Friday for the latest protest against last month’s coup, in an atmosphere fraught with competing figures and misinformation.

A crackdown by Egypt’s new military-backed government has decapitated the Muslim Brotherhood, the powerful Islamist organization that ran this country for just over a year. As the police state is resurrected, authorities are walling off information on the number of deaths and detentions, and seeking to minimize what remains of the group’s support.
Yea..........the Left are the warmongers.................Certainly not the people who start them and talk about "war season"

Explain to me why the last 7 out of 9 wars were started under Republican Presidents. Of course the 2 "wars" the Left started were only bombings, but some still consider them war despite the longevity and the cost of money and American lives.

Last election we saw the Military Gun Manufacturer Corporate driven Right Wing selling more war. "We have to attack Syria.......we have to attack Iran......we can't pull out of Afghanistan in 2014, that's war season" etc.

While I will admit that Military Gun Manufacturers are buying up the Left Wing now as well, no one is stupid enough to think that the Left is more war driven than the's just ignorance.
You do realize that it's been the Right Wing grinding Obama about not sticking up to his word when he stated he would want intervention if they used WMD's..........and it's been Obama telling them "Wait, let's get proof that the WMD's were set off by the Government and not someone that has an agenda"