do you stop repairing your house to "save money"?

who fucking cares about you?

in an every man for himself world like YOU THINK you want no one will care what you think idiot.
the republican party wants this country to crumble.

Grover wants it dead

why does anyone vote republican?
Your fucking jokes voted against anything Obama backs.

Including their own written and sponsored bills if Obama said he would sign them.

this current republican party will not be seen kindly by history
There's apparently no money. But I'm willing to be the Democrats voted on whatever budget was passed as well. Why are you mitigating their responsibility?
Your party has displayed nothing but obstruction for years now.

keeping the government from running smoothly has been their only goal
Why don't you tell me what the republican party is fighting? I thought it was Obama, and not the whole government?
does the right blame everything on government?

do they say how much they hate government?

do they sign the pledges that are designed to defund government written by a guy who has said more than once he wants to weaken our government enough that he can kill it out right?

dude it obvious to anyone with a brain.

I understand why you cant see it