Die asswipes


Just spent the last hour fixing a problem.
Earlier today I had gone to the ATM, to get $20 for one of my Grandsons - No Problem.

Then later I went to Pizza Hut; because someone wanted some hot wings.
Went to use my Debit card to pay for them and it was declined.
So I go to the ATM and it says to call the number on the back of the card.
Go home, pull my account on line, and there's a charge for over $900.00 dollars from an import company in CA and there's a $1 charge from some credit company.
I call the Bank's # and start the process of getting this taking care of.
While talking to the representative they ask me about a charge for over $300 to some on line clothing and appareal company, also in CA.

So anyway; the Bank straightened out the problem and whoever the asswpe(s) were or are, can suck it.

Once I get more info, I'll be calling each place myself and talking to them also.
That sucks, USF. I wish I could say they'll find the guys, but that isn't likely.

I know, especially since all the "charges" were via internet.
I would still like to be placed in a room, with one of the asswipes, for just 5 minutes.
It would be..............

.....therapeutic. :)
had this happen to me a couple of years ago.

Got it all fixed and used my new card number in ONE place and the number was stolen again.

It was a place I had used the card before the last time.

Needless to say it was pretty easy for the cops to figure out WHERE the card reader was that time.

It was went I was still lving in vegas and came to so cal to reup my rental.

the person was targeting out of state cards to steal the numbers from.

they saw Nv on the card and snatched the number.

then I fixed it and resumed fixing the rental.

they saw Nv on the card and stole the same persons card number in one week.

I know, especially since all the "charges" were via internet.

Perhaps USF should quit using the internet. It's awful easy for "someone" who knows what they're doing to get his personal info and use it to buy nice stuff.

Talk about karma biting you in the ass!
Same thing I was thinking.

Likely got ripped off at some Glenn Beck TSirt shop

It's a proper "Fuck You!" to someone who stalks others over the internet, harasses their family members and posts personal information from their Facebook accts.